Can I request a task that is not in your catalogue?


Yes of course! In fact we encourage it, our expertise is wide ranging and we’re happy to jump on any complex task. When you make a custom request it expands our repertoire and we can add that request to our catalogue, so ask away!

Do you provide performance advice for my campaign?


Our clients maintain the ownership and accountability of performance for their campaigns, however we are here to help. We perform daily monitoring, and flagging, and also can provide recommendations around campaign structure, audience targeting, and other technical components that contribute to performance.

Will you fully manage my ad accounts?


VirtualAd Support is not a fully managed service. We are the best fit for clients that want to create their own strategy and manage the performance of their campaigns, but simply do not have the capacity or technical expertise to set up and monitor the campaigns on a regular basis.

Who owns the advertising accounts?


You maintain ownership of your advertising accounts, we are there as stewards to ensure your campaigns stay in good shape, and no details fall through the cracks.

Can we have a quicker turnaround time?


You can absolutely request a quicker turnaround time. There is a rush option for $125 per expedited day, where a support request can be fulfilled within your newly requested time frame. The scope and detail of the request must fall within the reasonable expectations for your requested turnaround time, but we are always here to help with an “all hands on deck situation”

What is the turnaround time?


The turnaround time for a task is typically 72 hours. This allows us to provide a consistent delivery time to all of our clients, it ensures job accuracy, and better communication. We help manage your project requests to ensure that all your support needs are being met.

There is some flexibility with turnaround time as smaller requests can be delivered quicker than 72 hours, and larger more complex tasks will understandably take longer to deliver. In either scenario we communicate the expected delivery date, and work with you to ensure the support is provided within the required timeframe.

Is your service actually unlimited?


Yes it is truly unlimited. What allows us to provide this service is working on one task at a time for you, and turning it around within 72 hours. We help our clients win by building a project plan with them to ensure they are submitting a steady flow of requests that allows them to meet project deadlines. Requests can also be made weeks and months in advance to fit your project queue.

How many requests can I submit?


You can submit as many tasks as you need – both in scope and quantity. We are going to work on one task at a time, so it’s important that when you submit a task you include a due date to ensure we are delivering it on time for you.

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