What Is VirtualAd?

We are a boutique performance marketing agency specializing in scaling successful eCommerce brands to the next phase of their growth. Some of the challenges in today’s agency landscape that we are hoping to solve:

Transparency. “Sometimes marketing partners won’t report on results consistently or place an emphasis on what makes them look good even if it’s not advertising ROI.”

Consistent Pricing. “Pricing isn’t always consistent. Some partners bill by hour, some hide their fees, and some play favorites with larger clients causing smaller brands to be neglected.”

Planning. “Lots of planning, in-person meetings, emails, proposals. There is an opportunity to streamline things when working more efficiently in a virtual environment.”

New Technology. “There is still a large emphasis on print, TV and radio.  You can’t track results closely, guarantee your audience or use data to improve your ads.”

Important Metrics. “Oftentimes there is a focus on advertising metrics that don’t move the needle on sales.  Advertising should be executed if it is tracked properly and the results produce a positive return for your brand.”

No Clear Growth Plan. “Agencies may put together a marketing plan, but many do not place enough emphasis on profitability and growth. VirtualAd learns about your product economics, builds a performance benchmarking model based on that, and focuses on hitting profitable return on ad spend metrics while also trying to scale order volume within that benchmark.”

Innovation. “The digital advertising landscape evolves every day that passes. It is important to be open to exploring new tactics and channels that might trump old tactics.”

These are a few of the takeaways we have observed after talking to our customers.  VirtualAd’s goal is to continue challenging the 7 observations noted above.

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