What Is VirtualAd?

V irtualAd is a platform that pairs your business with an in-house team of experienced marketers who handle your advertising, and simple software to keep track of how it’s growing your business.  In the platform, you can shop marketing services with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, view reports on how your advertising drives sales, access exclusive discounts and manage billing preferences with no long-term commitments.  The platform allows you to receive world class support with guaranteed response times through a virtual chat and have the ability to book meetings with your marketing team whenever needed, right within your account.  VirtualAd has a vision to automate the marketing services industry with streamlined technology. This allows VirtualAd marketing teams to manage more clients, provide better support and in turn, offer a more affordable service for small businesses.  After surveying over one thousand small businesses, here are some of the challenges owners are facing:

Transparency. “Many marketing partners don’t report on results consistently or place an emphasis on what makes them look good even if it’s not advertising ROI.”

Consistent Pricing. “Pricing isn’t always consistent. Some partners bill by hour, some take a percentage of your marketing budget, and some play favorites with larger clients which can cause smaller businesses to be neglected.”

Planning. “Lots of planning, in-person meetings, emails, proposals. There is an opportunity to streamline things with technology and on-demand customer support.”

New Technology. “Many marketing partners still focus solely on print, TV and radio.  You can’t track results closely, guarantee your audience or use data to improve your ads.”

Important Metrics. “Many marketers are focused on advertising metrics that don’t move the needle on sales.  Advertising should only be executed if it is tracked properly and the results produce a positive return on your ad spend.”

Room for Small Business. “There is little alignment to the small business. If pricing is based on billable hours, small businesses can’t afford the high-priced labor. If based on percentage of ad spend, there is no incentive for agencies to onboard small businesses with minimal budget.”

Innovation. “Some marketing partners see advertising as an opportunity to create an ad campaign, set it, and leave it.  In order for advertising to be effective, there needs to be continuous testing, optimizing and innovating.”

These are a few of the takeaways we have observed after talking to small businesses.  VirtualAd’s goal is to challenge the 7 observations noted above.

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