Make an educated audience, your audience. ?

Why does it matter?

For organizations operating in complex environments, providing credible and reliable information is an essential part of shaping public dialogue.

How we do it.

VirtualAd focuses on awareness and audience education, helping organizations explain elaborate topics through branded content, and connecting audiences with thought leaders, industry partners, and real life stories.

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Our expertise.

We craft thoughtful narratives that dissect complex topics, in addition to creating targeted digital strategies that result in measurable outcomes and influence decision making.

About us.

We are a group of politically active, digitally savvy, news hungry upstarts that believe audience education is the first step in helping organizations achieve their communications objectives.

Coming from years of experience in journalism, content marketing, and ad-tech, we’re on a mission to combine the best tools that drive engagement for important issues.

Do you need to…

01. Educate

Communicate your story through curated video production, professional photography, and content with premium digital publishers.

02. Attract

Find and attract new audience attention through targeted distribution online.

03. Grow

Grow existing audience awareness through owned media outlets and relevant industry partnerships.

04. Influence

Influence audience opinion through meaningful and professional storytelling.

05. Advocate

Transform your audience to advocates that take action on your cause.

06. Develop

Create long term relationships that push your efforts forward after your program has concluded.

…then you are in the right place.

What does a program look like?

We partner with industry leaders, influencers, celebrities, and corporate stakeholders to build programs that inform and educate audiences on important topics.


VirtualAd takes a unique approach to distributing content. We believe content credibility is a critical determinant of campaign success, and we will work with you to determine the best avenue for disseminating your message.


VirtualAd is well suited for Health, Technology, Labour Relations, Energy/Infrastructure, Environment sectors.

Influential Figures

  • Minister’s of Federal Parliament
  • Not For Profits
  • Patients
  • Topic Experts
  • Everyday People

Distribution Partners

  • Industry Leading Associations
  • Celebrity Influencers
  • News Outlets & Publishers

Distribution Products

  • Custom Video Featuring Industry Leaders
  • 3 Part Video Series
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Host Read Podcast Ads
  • Instagram/FB Live

Analytics Tools

  • Pre-Launch Audience Sentiment Survey
  • Landing Page & Petition Sign-Ups
  • Network Sharing Tools
  • Google Analytics

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