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Online Ads



If you are going to be spending money on advertising, it is important that your ads are beautifully designed, impactful and connect with your target audience.


You are 10x more likely to get an interaction from your ad if it has powerful imagery, design and speaks to your customer.


Your Online Ads will be created and accessible in various document formats including AI, PNG, and JPEG.  You can save these files, edit them and reference them when needed in the future.

02. Professional Designer

Your Marketing Expert will work closely with a Professional Designer to make your Online Ad mock-ups from scratch.

03. 2 Variations

You will receive 2 variations of Online Ads.  This will allow you to A/B test both in order to optimize your Advertising.

04. Advertising Specs

Your Online Ads will abide by the required specs of major Ad Channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google – or other channels you might be interested in leveraging for your Online Advertising.

05. Call-To-Action

It is important to have a call-to-action embedded into your Online Ads.  This will encourage targeted users to click on your ads.

06. Best Practices

You will receive points outlining how to best use your Online Ads and tips for executing your online advertising campaigns.  A beautiful Ad is one thing, but it is important for your Online Ads to help you grow your Sales.

07. Restrictions

It is important to avoid doing things that don’t properly represent your brand.  A list of Do’s and Don’t’s will be provided so you know how to maintain your brand identity and professionalism going forward.

08. Professional Copywriters

The headline, description and text embedded into your Online Ads needs to resonate with your target audience.  Let our copywriters curate simple, yet effective Ad text, helping you get the most out of your advertising.