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Your letterhead is as important as your brand, in that it represents your company and can impart a first impression to your potential customers.


Allow our designers to put together a beautiful, yet simple representation of your brand that can be rolled out to all of your stationery.

01. PDF, Word, AI, PNG, JPEG, PSD

Your Letterhead templates will be created and accessible in various document formats including PDF, Doc, AI, PNG, JPEG, PSD.  You can save these files and reference them when needed in the future.

02. Professional Designer

Your Marketing Expert will work closely with a Professional Designer to make your Letterhead mock-ups from scratch.

03. 3 Variations

You will receive 3 variations of Letterhead designs.  Feel free to choose the one that you like best!

04. Print Instructions

You will receive point form instructions on how to print your Letterhead documents with a recommendation of a local print shop with good customer reviews.

05. Brand Icons

Your Letterhead designs will have simple contact icons (ie. phone, email, website) associated with your contact details.  Your logo will also be included in various colors for print.

06. Best Practices

You will receive points outlining how to best use your Letterhead and what scenarios make a Letterhead appropriate.  It is important your documents are consistently representing your brand.

07. Restrictions

It is important to avoid doing things that don’t properly represent your brand.  A list of Do’s and Don’t’s will be provided so you know how to maintain your brand identity and professionalism going forward.

08. Editable Files

You will receive editable versions of each Letterhead design.  This will allow you to manipulate the design if you want to make future changes.