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Google Analytics



Put simply, Google Analytics is the most popular tool you can use to measure your website visitors.  Your Marketing Expert will set this up for your website allowing you to analyze insightful data about who your website visitors are, where they live and what pages they are interacting with.  Build custom reports to better understand the data and make informed business decisions.

01. Website Coding

In order to setup Google Analytics for your business, your Marketing Expert needs to place a piece of code on the backend of your website.  This allows Analytics to retrieve data related to who’s visiting your website. *Site access will be required.

02. Company Settings

Your Google Analytics has an admin portal where key company settings need to be configured.

03. VirtualAd Analytics (*Fee)

Google Analytics can be overwhelming with thousand of data points to analyze and complex reporting tools.  VirtualAd’s Analytics tool integrates the most important Google Analytics data into a much more simplistic user interface.  This makes it easier to understand for those who aren’t as tech savvy.  Ask Your Marketing Expert for a quick demo to see what type of insight you can gain about your business!

04. Glossary

You will receive a detailed definitions page for terminology used in Google Analytics.

05. Useful Tips

Your Marketing Expert will list useful tips on how to best leverage Google Analytics and how to use the data in a way that will improve your business.