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Color Palette



Your business should have an identity customers can relate to.  Let our designers define your color palette giving your business a unique identity incorporating colors that fade well together.


Having a strong color palette will not only be aesthetically pleasing to your audience, but will also allow you to differentiate your identity from competition.

01. PDF, Word, AI

Your Color Hues will be defined and accessible in various document formats including PDF, Doc, AI.  You can save these files and reference them when needed in the future.

02. Cohesive Coloring

Your colors will work well together and contain the same shade, tone, transparency and fade.

03. 3 Color Palettes

You will receive 3 variations of color palettes with defined Hex #’s so you can always use the same colors across all digital channels, marketing elements and for future use.

04. Accent Color

You will have a strong accent color included in all 3 variations of your Color Palette.  The accent color is meant to be the core color of your brand, however it is often used the least.  It is meant for attracting the eyes of potential customers to important information (ie. appointment booking button, purchase button, website links, logo etc.).

05. Color Meaning

Every brand element needs a deeper meaning.  Your Marketing Expert will include a write-up signifying the meaning of each color palette and how they represent your brand value on a deeper level.

06. Use Cases

You will receive use cases for your colors – when to use certain shades and when not to use certain shades.  These guidelines will help you get the most out of your Color Palette and allow you to use each color the same way, each time.

07. Restrictions

It is important to avoid doing things that don’t properly represent your brand.  A list of Do’s and Don’t’s will be provided so you know how to maintain your brand identity and professionalism going forward.