Data Loss Is Costing Brands Thousands Every Day

Marketers must adapt to the new privacy centric age…or risk extinction

Data Loss Is Costing Brands Thousands Every Day

Marketers must adapt to the new privacy centric age…or risk extinction

To succeed in today’s privacy centric era, brands must excel in 6 key areas:

Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention

Tracking & Measurement

Paid Media Strategy

Compelling Creative

Owned Channels

Businesses that have not mastered these 6 areas suffer from:

If you’re trying to grow your business online in post IOS-14 chances are your business hit a ceiling after the IOS 14 update

Scaling a business online requires a team of dedicated experts to dial in the correct formula and accelerate your next phase of growth.

Brands we have helped grow

Highly knowledgeable, analytical, and comprised of experts that understand how to properly structure, set up, and deliver results-oriented digital campaigns. I have and will continue to recommend VirtualAd to every business I come across that is looking for a reliable company to partner with

Garret  | Founder

VirtualAd is always a pleasure to work with and has invested time to understand our business. They bring forward new ideas and work hard to grow our business. They always deliver on time and help to keep us on task for the content we need to provide/approve. Always professional and straightforward. We are seeing great results from the investment.

Sandra | President

The team is knowledgeable and did an incredible job optimizing each campaign to deliver key results for our business. Their customer service is equally impressive, as we never wait for more than an hour or two to receive clear communication regarding any of our questions. I highly recommend them and will continue using VirtualAd for our digital marketing needs.

Jeff | Co-Founder


Monthly Ad-Spend


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People Reached

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Who we are partnered with:

Who We Work With

VirtualAd specializes in e-commerce and lead generation for high-ticket offers

What We Do

A Revenue Optimization Partner


We help our clients create and optimize the elements of their marketing that result in profitable growth. This includes:  




Account Strategist


Our strategy team is client facing and works closely with you to better understand your long-term goals, the key metrics that drive your business, and the media strategy required to hit your targets.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Client meetings
  • CAC, AOV, LTV analysis and growth
  • Paid media strategy
  • Measurement & reporting


Campaign Manager

Media Buying

Our media buyers are in the trenches daily, making tweaks to your campaigns ensuring they are in line with your strategy.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Customer acquisition & retention
  • Daily ad optimizations
  • Conversion rate optimization


Lead Designer


The creative team translates the vision of our clients into impactful creative that drives results.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Ad design
  • Marketing messaging
  • Landing page design


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Operating Officer

Meet the Co-Founders

Martin and Brendan share a combined 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising. Their main priorities are ensuring customer satisfaction, strategy, and exceptional performance.

The VirtualAd Process

Conduct a free credit

We do a full marketing audit and evaluate your business using our proprietary grading tool


Identify business goals

  1. We identify what you want to achieve in the next 12 months

Agree on 3 month testing period based on areas of priority identified in you account audit

  1. Measurement and tracking framework
  2. Establishing metrics and benchmarks 
  3. Creative messaging 
  4. Paid media strategy 
  5. Customer acquisition and retention

Agreement for Long-term partnership

To successfully grow your business we need to align on a long-term vision and move in phases. We become deeply integrated into your operations and build out milestones to hit your targets consistently


Lay the structure

Before we start spending advertising dollars we build a strong foundation to increase marketing efficiency 

    1. Run full-funnel conversion and tracking analysis 
    2. Address gaps in the website or purchase process 
    3. Adjust designs, and A/B test for optimum account setup

Maximize core acquisition channel

Rather than spread your marketing dollars thinly across too many channels we master your core acquisition channel to provide steady and predictable monthly revenue


Traffic value maximization

With increased traffic, we leverage owned channels such as email and SMS to increase average order value  and drive customer LTV


Expand new channels

Once we have achieved stable and consistent revenue growth with paid media and owned traffic, it’s time to expand into new paid media channels to scale your company’s growth


Areas of Expertise

Break into this new platform and enjoy the low CPCs and auction competition to maximize your margins

Our search experts help you own high intent audiences on this channel

A full-funnel product from Google that converts high intent audiences across all Google properties

Advertising’s best-kept secret, Youtube ads are a stable and scalable workhorse for most brands

Constantly changing we keep you current with the latest ad strategies and tactics on Meta platforms

A breakout channel with a highly engaged and high intent audience

The “art” of advertising we focus on creative that inspires and converts

Custom dashboards and alerts we make GA something you can use vs. a something to ignore

An essential tool in building out a coherent tracking and measurement plan

Are you a good fit?

You are a good fit to work with VirtualAd if:

Who We Work With

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