We make advertising fun again.

VirtualAd solves advertising for digital entrepreneurs. But our larger purpose expands beyond that. We’re here to help store owners understand how to bring their brand to the next level.

Our story.


VirtualAd was born out of a true need and frustration that entrepreneurs, and agencies feel using modern day ad platforms. While they are intuitive enough to get started, they simply require too much time to master, and now there are so many different types that it is prohibitively expensive to hire a specialist. 

Our goal is to help our clients master their digital ad campaigns. We realized that most clients know what they want from their digital advertising, but do not have the time and resources to implement an ad campaign strategy on a consistent basis. VirtualAdSupport enters the picture, and we become an outsourced ad-ops team for our clients. 

We finally give businesses and agencies the capacity, expertise, and process to have digital advertising be a consistent value added service to their business.